The Story of Us

Many people don’t know this story. In fact I’m not sure who knows actually. So let me think back to what year it was probably the end of 2005. I’m bad with dates. I believe it may have been Nov. time when I started talking to Artis. When I say talking what I really mean is emailing via myspace. Yup myspace. I met Artis via the internet. At the time I just thought ..oh he’s cute, I’ll add him as my friend and get to know him. Little did I know that he worked at the same place I did. (Del Mar College) I worked for I.T. and he worked in the Writing Center as a floor supervisor in the Writing Center. Literally two buildings across from me. We even had a mutual friend. Lol. Funny how life works. We’ll be married 8 years come this December. 


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