First work week back

My first week back is coming to a close. I work a half day tomorrow as I usually do on Friday’s. Somethings have noticeably changed as I knew they would of course with a new baby. They are also all positives!

  1. I get up a whole hour earlier at 5:30 a.m. instead of 6:30 and I of course fall asleep earlier…I’m pretty sure I fell asleep last night before 9 p.m.. LOL I’m now on-time to work everyday.
  2. I have a pump calendar entry twice a day to remind me to pump. I’ve needed a reminder sometimes I can forget if I get caught up with my work, and also I make sure to not schedule back to back meetings so I have the time to pump.
  3. I’m pumping just enough for little one each day with a few extra ounces. I get to nurse her during lunch time.
  4. I get home 30-45 minutes later than I use to…I nurse her when I pick her up.
  5. My awesome mother-in-law is pace feeding Haley and she’s doing great at not getting overfed as some breastfeeding babies can get overfed by using a bottle.
  6. I meal prepped this week lunches and dinners and all we had to do was warm up our meals.

I hope it continues to go well. – Jessica


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