10 Months!

We’ve made it 10 months breastfeeding! Yay! The goal is a year and I’m pretty sure we’ll make it.

Really after 3 months it became so easy. We definitely don’t have to wash a lot of bottles, and it’s always ready. The tough part is that she needs it to go to sleep and she wakes up multiple times at night. Something I wasn’t use to after being spoiled by Caleb at 3 months of sleeping through the night. Luckily she falls right back to sleep but I can’t tell you when I got more than 4 hours straight sleep. I get asked sometimes about when am I going to stop. We’ll I plan to stop pumping at work once she turns a year, but I’ll need to wean myself from the pump gradually which I don’t think will be to difficult. I don’t mind nursing her when were together after the year, to me she’s still a baby. I hopefully will start to slowly wean her and hope to fully wean no later than 18 months. I believe she has a dairy allergy so she needs my milk definitely for a year. She’s never had formula beside the first 2 days of her life in the hospital and that was through a sns feeder not a bottle so she wouldn’t get confused. So momma’s milk it is then.

Photo of the 10 month old girl



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