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Caleb’s 6th Birthday Party

We kept his party low key this time and Star Wars themed. He had a blast and the food was good.

Here are a few pictures.




Yay its only in the 90’s

Time to play outside!


16 month check up

Weighed 22 pounds


Caleb as superman

Using a cloth diaper …lol


Caleb’s First Baby Pool

He prefers the water hose though 🙂

Chores Chores

Caleb knows he’s got to keep his share around the house. Hehe.


Well the weekend flew right by. Really it did and I didn’t notice. Let’s see if I can recall the hazy details. Friday, not much went to the Library and checked-out a few cd’s (Adele and Josh Groban). Watched the series finale of Smallville. Saturday – garage sales hunting and bought nothing. Went to church, had potluck at church. Took a nap, (Caleb & me). Went to evening service and ate at family fun night. Left because we’re old and Caleb need to get to sleep. Sunday – Artis played soccer while me and Caleb chilled at the house, and then we all went to the beach. Caleb didn’t like the sand. He wouldn’t even let me put him down. He ate his first cheeto, and loved it. He got a little mad I wouldn’t let him eat more than 2, but we distracted him with some bread. He left after 30 minutes though didn’t want him out there too long. The rest of the time the guys tried out the kayak on the beach. We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours then we went to the in-laws…Caleb was napping. Artis & I went to eat at Chili’s, then picked up Caleb and headed home.

Caleb had his tubes put in yesterday. The waiting was horrible since Caleb couldn’t eat. He was very cranky and crying because he wanted to eat. The procedure was fast though, probably 10 minutes or so. Caleb wore a gown, and they gassed him to put him to sleep. He had band-aids over both ears to keep the cotton in. As soon as they we’re done he wanted his bottle which he finished in 2 seconds, then he ate his mum-mum, then he started eating his yogurt melts….in short he was so hungry. He didn’t even seem to notice something had been done to his ears. So he was a trooper. He did well. The doc did say he had fluid in his ears so I have to put drops in his ears for a few days but that’s all. Today he woke up just fine and normal. Let’s hope this helps, and he doesn’t get sick for a while.

Running Day TWO and Caleb Update!!!

Well yesterday I did much better running…I ran 3 miles non-stop. So improving with each run. I like working out at the Portland Community Center but my only pet peeve is the 4 treadmills. Don’t get me wrong I like to run outside also. It’s just running on the sidewalk always seems to give me shin splints or makes my knee hurt way more than running on a treadmill. But back to my pet-peeve, people who walk on the treadmills. I get it you can do whatever you want …it just bothers me when people can walk around the track in the gym vs. using up a treadmill that  a runner could use….but whatever, thank goodness that I never have to wait for a treadmill, I’ve been lucky. I know I can run around the track also, but I use the treadmill so I don’t slack speed wise….which I think you can keep a walking pace better than running.

Well anyways enough of that. Yay for Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice tonight!!!!

Caleb update – Caleb is throwing tantrums like he’s going on two years old. I actually let him throw it, and wait for him to be done. He’s also doing much better from being sick, no more antibiotic. He’s also taking lots of steps. He’s up to 10-12 steps at a time. Now I’m just planning his 1st birthday party…man where did the time go?

Peace out y’all, (in a Miley Cyrus accent)


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Caleb standing and watching Dora the Explorer