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With Easter coming up I thought I’d share my traditions in my immediate family. (Artis, Caleb, Haley and I only)

So….. I celebrate Easter but then I don’t do everything that most people do when celebrating.

I don’t:

  1. Buy my kids easter baskets with goodies in them
  2. Dye any eggs
  3. Buy them a easter outfit
  4. Care if they take a picture with the Easter bunny

Why don’t I do the stuff above?

  1. They don’t need more goodies
  2. Too much mess and no one eats the boiled eggs
  3. They already have nice outfits and I don’t make this a super special holiday
  4. All the easter bunnies look super fake and it’s just not real

I do:

  1. Buy Cascarones for them to break
  2. Hide eggs for them to find with candy
  3. Eat BBQ

Why do I do some things?

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s fun
  3. And I like to eat

That’s all.


8 months tomorrow…

It will be 8 months tomorrow since my grandma has passed. I truly think about her quite often and usually it gets me emotional. I miss her. I have very fond memories of her…mostly her cooking in the kitchen in her one of many aprons. She use to make us tortillas with butter, or fideo when we were little, or how when going with her to work at the bank how she’d clean the kitchen while watching her tv novelas at the same time.

When I had Caleb 5 years ago she was still in relatively in good health. She waited all night at the hospital for me to have my baby and didn’t leave till she got to see him. This time she wasn’t here and it made me sad. I know she’s in a much better place now and hopefully viewing us from above. Miss you grandma. – Jessica

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First work week back

My first week back is coming to a close. I work a half day tomorrow as I usually do on Friday’s. Somethings have noticeably changed as I knew they would of course with a new baby. They are also all positives!

  1. I get up a whole hour earlier at 5:30 a.m. instead of 6:30 and I of course fall asleep earlier…I’m pretty sure I fell asleep last night before 9 p.m.. LOL I’m now on-time to work everyday.
  2. I have a pump calendar entry twice a day to remind me to pump. I’ve needed a reminder sometimes I can forget if I get caught up with my work, and also I make sure to not schedule back to back meetings so I have the time to pump.
  3. I’m pumping just enough for little one each day with a few extra ounces. I get to nurse her during lunch time.
  4. I get home 30-45 minutes later than I use to…I nurse her when I pick her up.
  5. My awesome mother-in-law is pace feeding Haley and she’s doing great at not getting overfed as some breastfeeding babies can get overfed by using a bottle.
  6. I meal prepped this week lunches and dinners and all we had to do was warm up our meals.

I hope it continues to go well. – Jessica

The Story of Us

Many people don’t know this story. In fact I’m not sure who knows actually. So let me think back to what year it was probably the end of 2005. I’m bad with dates. I believe it may have been Nov. time when I started talking to Artis. When I say talking what I really mean is emailing via myspace. Yup myspace. I met Artis via the internet. At the time I just thought ..oh he’s cute, I’ll add him as my friend and get to know him. Little did I know that he worked at the same place I did. (Del Mar College) I worked for I.T. and he worked in the Writing Center as a floor supervisor in the Writing Center. Literally two buildings across from me. We even had a mutual friend. Lol. Funny how life works. We’ll be married 8 years come this December. 

Caleb’s non- Halloween costume


What’s been up lately

TV – I’m not watching Hawaii five-o. One show I did get into was Last Resort it’s been awesome.

It’s been awesome having wifi on my iPad I’m able to keep up with shows I’ve missed on the tv apps. They’ve even added full episodes of Long Island medium on the TLC app.

Thanksgiving potluck this Saturday!!!

Counting the days to thanksgiving break.


Fall TV Show Line-Up

With all the switching around that tv networks like to do with my shows. I had to re-figure out what I want to watch on TV. Below is what I’d like to watch this fall.

The show I want to watch the most is…….. “Vampire Diaries”!!!!! Can’t wait. Oct. 11

Sunday 7 Once Upon a Time
8 Revenge/Good Wife
Monday 7 Switched at birth
7:30 Partners/CBS
8 2 Broke Girls
9 Hawaii Five-O
Tuesday 7 NCIS
8 Happy Endings
8:30 Don’t trust the B
9 Private Practice
Wed 7 Arrow
8 Modern Family
8:30 Suburgatory
Thur. 7 Vampire diaries
8 Grey’s Anatomy/Beauty and the Beast

Road Trip #2 – Pictures from Tenn.


to be continued……



Road Trip #1

Well we did it. We survived two days of driving with a 2 year old. It wasn’t so bad. We had to watch the Disney Pixar film Cars a billion times but we endured it.

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Free Printable – ABC….I LOVE You

Here is a free printable for you that I created. Enjoy. – Jessica

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